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Cosmetic Dentistry Bicester

We are a private cosmetic dentist in Bicester, offering a wide range of dental treatments . Our clients come to us from Bicester and Oxford and the wider Oxfordshire area. Patients come to us owing to our special interest in orthodontics and dentistry that not only improves how your teeth and jaw function, but also how they look.

Orthodontist In Bicester

We are an orthodontic provider in Bicester. An Orthodontic provider is a qualified dentist who has trained in dental braces that improve the appearance of your teeth by addressing problems like straightening crooked teeth and correcting problems with your bite.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Teeth Straightening In Bicester

We offer a choice of teeth straightening at our practice in Bicester. Invisible teeth braces are very popular. These can be clear braces that fit over your teeth, or metal braces that fit out-of-sight on the tongue side of your teeth.

For adults we offer the following types of braces to suit your individual needs. Invisalign teeth straightening, fixed orthodontics and Damon retainers. These options will include invisible teeth braces, fixed teeth braces and lingual teeth braces. The first consultation for Invisalign is free of charge.

We also provide teeth straightening for children at our practice in Bicester town centre. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our dentists who will advise you on the best course of treatment. Our extended opening hours including Saturdays means there is no need to miss time from school.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Teeth Whitening In Bicester

As a cosmetic dentist in Bicester we offer in-surgery and home teeth whitening treatments . We begin with assessing your teeth and recommending the options best suited to your goals, your budget and the timescale you want to work to. Perhaps you are getting married, going on a special holiday or simply for your own self-esteem want to look your best with a bright healthy looking smile.

One of the treatments carried out at our practice in Bicester is Philips Zoom Light-activated tooth whitening. Noticeable results can be achieved in one hour. For people with stains on their teeth that have been difficult to remove using other methods, the Air Polish Stain Removal is another in-practice treatment that we offer. It is a stain removal system that is based on a jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles. Teeth whitening is achieved as the system gently polishes away surface staining on your teeth. One Air Polish treatment per year is included in our gold and platinum dental plans.

If you prefer a system that you can use at home, talk to one of our cosmetic dentists at our Bicester practice. We will make tailor-made trays that fit over your teeth for home teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Invisalign In Bicester

One of the leading teeth straightening systems is Invisalign and we are pleased to be able to offer invisible teeth braces in Bicester. You can have straightened teeth in just a matter of months. Unlike traditional braces you remove the clear braces to eat and to clean your teeth more easily.

When you begin your Invisalign treatment you will be joining more than 4 million people world-wide who have used this system. We will take an impression of your teeth, shortly thereafter we will give you several sets of custom-made aligners that you progress through every two weeks. These aligners incrementally adjust your teeth to produce your perfect smile with Invisalign teeth straightening right here in Bicester.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Teeth Veneers In Bicester

Dental veneer treatments are performed by our skilled cosmetic dentists in Bicester. They can be used to transform your smile by restoring your teeth, covering stained, discoloured or chipped teeth and closing spaces between your teeth. You can have them on just one tooth or many of your teeth. They will be matched to your natural tooth colour, or if you have a teeth whitening treatment we will be able to match to your whiter shade.

We prefer to use a type of dental teeth veneers called direct veneers. The reason for this is that they are more cost effective and easy to repair than indirect veneers which also involve a more invasive treatment.

Following a detailed examination of your mouth and teeth your cosmetic dentist will explain all the treatment options and recommend the best solution. Then, if you decide to proceed, we will provide you with a treatment plan outlining the procedure and the costs.

Having a beautiful natural smile will boost your self-confidence, so ask us about dental veneers at our Bicester practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Implants In Bicester

Our skilled cosmetic dentists in Bicester provide dental implants for patients who have missing teeth and would rather not have dentures. The big advantage you have is that there is no risk of teeth moving or lifting. This can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness, especially when speaking and eating.

If we can be blunt for a moment. If you are worried about your teeth and how you look you are not going to be on top form and confident, whether that’s at work, home or meeting new people. Dental teeth implants are available at our Bicester practice. They are small rod-like posts that act as a base for replacement teeth. They are attached to your jawbone and support crowns (replacement tooth or teeth), dentures or bridges.

They are usually made of Titanium because this has no ill effect on the human body. The dental implant is a screw, this fits into your jawbone. The screw has a clip that a crown fits on to. Dental teeth implants provided by our Bicester dentists should last a lifetime if you look after them and maintain good oral hygiene.