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Dental Anxiety

Being anxious, worried or in some cases having an extreme fear of going to the dentist is a serious matter. We take dental anxiety very seriously, and we have several solutions to ensure our patients are calm, relaxed, pain-free and comfortable when they have any kind of treatment at our private dental practice in Bicester, located right in the town centre.

“I had severe problems and was a scared and nervous patient. Everyone at the practice was very helpful, I spoke to DR Tooray and he gave me a free consultation about what we could do and the steps we had to take. I was absolutely thrilled with Dr Tooray, he was very reassuring every step of the way. I can’t speak highly enough about the staff. The price for the sedation was absolutely brilliant. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is scared of the dentist and the thought of getting treatment done. Overall my experience was amazing.” – Mrs June Bosley

For patients having sedation we can arrange a parking space just outside our building. One less thing for you to worry about!

How We Help Patients With Dental Anxiety

Dr Tooray and our other dentists are able to provide IV sedation (Intravenous sedation) and Gas and Air (Relative Analgesia) to make our patients feel relaxed and safe.

– Prior to your treatment your dentist will discuss the sedation method that is best for you and what will happen immediately after your treatment

– You can be accompanied into the treatment room by a friend or family member

– If you are having sedation, we will arrange a parking space at our premises for you

Sedated Dental Treatment In Bicester

IV Sedation For Dental Anxiety

If you have a fear of the dentist and dental treatments you could opt for IV sedation. A sedation drug will be administered through a tube in your hand or arm. You will feel relaxed and drowsy but you will be conscious and able to talk to your dentist and follow instructions throughout the treatment.

We won’t start the treatment until we are sure that the sedation has taken effect and that you won’t feel any pain.

You will be monitored throughout your treatment.

You will need someone to take you home because the sedative takes some time to wear off and it will be necessary for them to keep an eye on you for 24 hours afterwards.

We won’t let you leave the practice until we are certain that you are ok to go.

You won’t be able to drive, drink alcohol, sign any legal documents or operate any machinery for 24 hours after the procedure.

Very often, although you will have remained conscious throughout the treatment, you won’t remember anything about the treatment itself.

Gas And Air Sedation For Dental Anxiety

Another dental sedation option for patients who are worried about going to the dentist is gas and air sedation. This sedation is similar to that administered during childbirth. It is a simple inhalation sedation that will help you feel calm and relaxed during the treatment.

You don’t have to put a mask over your face, the gas and air comes through a nosepiece.

We will also give you a local anesthetic injection to numb the area of your mouth we will be working on. So, rest assured you will not feel pain during the treatment, and we will check with you to make sure this is the case, before we start.

The effects of gas and air wear off more quickly than IV dental sedation. You will spend around 10 minutes in recovery before we say its ok for you to leave, but you shouldn’t drive for two hours.

Prior to your treatment your dentist will go through everything you need to know, so you completely understand the kind of sedation you are having and what will happen after your treatment. This also includes making any follow up appointments.