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Dental Plans For Adults

The best way to keep dental costs down is to look after your teeth. That’s why we advocate our children’s plans that will set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. As an adult if you want to take care of your teeth, visiting the dentist for quality private dental care on a regular basis can become expensive. Especially if you would also like to maximise your natural smile with other cosmetic dental treatments or orthodontic treatments.

The Benefits Of A Dental Plan

Our dental plans allow you to manage the costs of regular care with our private dentists in Bicester. They also offer discounts and other benefits.

– Dental appointments

– Hygiene appoints

– Air Polish whitening included for Gold and Platinum Members

– Same day emergency appointments

– Prescriptions included

– Routine X-rays

– Discounts on fillings, crowns and bridges

– Discount on other treatments

If you become a Platinum Member you can receive 10% discount on tooth straightening, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry.

You can download a copy of our Adult Dental Plan, including the monthly costs here.

Our professional friendly team would love to talk to you about private dental care at our Bicester practice. We also offer 0% dental finance.

Dental Plans For Children

Our dental plans for children offer exceptional value for money, starting from less than £10 per month, and will lay the foundations for a lifetime of good dental health.

– Dental appointments

– Oral Health Instruction appointments

– Discounted treatments

– 50% discount on mouth and sportsguards

– Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance

Our dental plans are tailored to your needs. By entrusting your child’s dental and oral health to us, a private dentist in Bicester, your child will benefit from a level of care and oral hygiene instruction that is simply not available on the NHS.

A dental plan allows your private dentist to spend more time with your child. The dentist or the hygienist will give them instruction in oral health and how to look after their teeth, alongside their regular check-ups. Conveniently located in central Bicester, we offer private dental care that enables us to use materials that will protect the crowns of your child’s teeth, which is rarely offered on the NHS. The materials we use are also more aesthetically pleasing for a nicer, natural smile. A dental plan for your child is very cost effective.

The Benefits Of A Dental Plan For Children

The added benefits of taking out a dental plan for children include discounts on fillings, children’s teeth straightening and, under our platinum dental plan, we offer a 50% discount on mouthguards and sportsguards. With so many children involved in sports this is an invaluable preventive aspect of dentistry we are able to offer as part of our dental plans and supports our practice ethos.

Although we are based in Bicester the dental plans we offer include worldwide dental emergency assistance, with full details on the scope of the cover included in the Scheme Handbook.

Our focus in very much on oral and dental health so your child’s natural smile, and their knowledge and practice of good dental hygiene, goes with them into adulthood.

You can download a copy of our Children’s Dental Plan, including the monthly costs here.

Talk to one of our friendly team about dental plans and the excellent affordable private dental care we offer in Bicester.